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First Step to Success-goal setting
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In first step tip success, you will learn how to set objective and motivational goals that will keep you focused and on the right path to success. Simple, effective strategies are outlined, that will make you want to get started right away!

This class is facilitated by Nicky Gordon, Transition and Change Management Life Coach with Life Morphing.

Getting Unstuck
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In this two part lesson, Nicky Gordon (Transition and Change Management Coach at Life Morphing) outlines what it means to feel stuck, as we all do at times. 

In Part 1, you will learn WHY you are stuck and the factors that are keeping you there. This lesson helps you understand your situation with more clarity, which is the first critical step in your journey to Getting Unstuck.

In Part 2, effective and proven strategies are outlined and taught to UNSTICK yourself and start making progress.

Her second theme builds on the progress you have made and is navigating change through clarity and objective Goal Setting. In this classes, she breaks down how to set clear goals that keep you motivated and on track for success!