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About Wbiz Institute


Wbiz Institute was founded after Yolanda Kennedy got tired of spending money and time on trying to start an online business. She was tired of the so -called gurus charging thousands of dollars just to up sell you to get the how to steps. She just wanted real help and real information .  After talking to other women business owners who went through the same thing before they experience success she figured it had to be a better way. Hence, Women Business Institute  (Wbiz Institute) was founded.

Women Biz Institute (wbiz institute)is the home of online coursers for Chic entrepreneurs. We offer current online courses for stating , growing and developing a business today. All classes are taught by female entrepreneur who are in business today sharing the tips about what is happening in their market now.

Online learning

All classes 100% virtual. No more trying to make live clasess.

Connect with Instrutors

You can email the instructor of any class you are taking with questions

Flexible schulde

Log in and continue any time that fit your schedule.

Learn from business Owners

All classes are taught by women business owners

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